《Wines of the World》Japanese Whisky Special Edition

Last time, we talked about the history and founder background of the mother companies of Yamazaki and Yoichi. Due to a difference in ideology, the two companies have gone down distinctly unsimilar paths in the market.

It can be said that Suntory, the parent company of Yamasaki, has chosen to commercialise whisky and obtained great success in standardization.

A frequent in the world whisky competition arena, Suntory has not only gained recognition through awards, but also exposure and attention for Japanese whiskies.

Furthermore, the company also make constant improvements on their products and releases new whiskies regularly to meet market needs, thus continually expanding its market share and becoming a leading force in the industry in Japan. The launch of the grain whisky, Chita, in 2015 is an excellent example.

In order to increase collectible value, Suntory would launch limited special editions for different labels each year, such as airport edition and regular special edition.

If you do an online search of "Japanese whisky special edition", you will see lots of special editions for Hibiki and Yamazaki, and each will have a varying packaging to increase collectible value.

Well-known special editions include ‘Old Mount Fuji Edition’ and ‘The Beauty of Japanese Nature Edition’, even the more affordable Old Suntory has come up an annual Chinese zodiac special edition.

The comparatively grounded Yoichi rarely releases any special edition, and instead focuses more on creating a unique body for its products.

A couple years back, there were news that Yoichi would cease production. Due to its stringent production process, when the distillery realised that they didn’t have enough whisky base to increase production, they made the blunt decision to halt production for a few years until the next batch of whisky base matures. This is a true reflection of their commitment and persistence when it comes to whisky making.

In fact, there is a great variety of well-known Japanese whisky brands, so if you have gotten bored of Yamazaki or Yoichi, you still have plenty of choices, let’s talk about them next time.

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