In Search of Beauty in Wong Chuk Hang

On the outside, Wong Chuk Hang may not catch your eyes at first glance – but its inner beauty will truly capture your heart.

Perched on the verge of Aberdeen, Wong Chuk Hang was once a gritty factory district from the 1950s to the 1980s.

About 30 years on, the off-the-beaten-track town is now putting on a new face inside the dreary industrial buildings with a growing cluster of chic cafes, homewares, art galleries and lifestyle/designer shops, encouraged by the new South Island Line.

Take a stroll inside Wong Chuk Hang’s gritty industrial buildings, and you’ll realise there is more to this town than meets the eye.


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12:30 pm | MUM
Though small, this little coffee shop on the ground floor of One Island South has a mighty goal to bring wellbeing to the neighbourhood. It serves fresh veggie meals, nicely crafted coffee, and even has yoga classes. As suggested by the name, the food philosophy here is centred on food most likely to be prepared by mums – casual and healthy.

G/F, Shop G07, One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road
2115 3348

14:00 pm | Sensory ZERO
In just two years, this small spot at the corner of the once Lane Crawford showroom is expanding across the whole floor of One Island South after the withdrawal of the lifestyle giant last year, with the addition of an open kitchen and a MMA fitness space.

Owner Alvin Hui and Dixon Ip are the designers behind almost everything in the shop from the interior, menu, furniture to the packaging, which evolved from a concept – wave – symbolising challenges and “a new wave to the market”.

Customer volume has significantly increased with the arrival of the MTR, which sits right outside its door. Even before the MTR arrived, the shop had caught a fair amount of media attention over its unconventional choice of menu, such as sparkling tea, coffee cocktails and bubbling espresso. Guests are presented with an array of different beans from all over the world to choose from (mainly Ethiopia, Brazil and Italy).

The standout offering here, however, is the Japanese rice. I try the Unadon – the rice is fantastically chewy and the unagi melts in your mouth. I pair it with a cute cup of cocoa topped with foam marshmallows.

One Island South, G/F, 2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang
2118 2288

15:30 pm | Hyperspace
Sport is a lot “cooler” in this neon-lit indoor playground. Occupying more than 10,000 square feet, the sports venue provides a wide selection of Western sports, including bubble soccer, archery tag, dodge ball, frisbee and hoverboard, all with a neon effect. Apart from the sports activity, there’s also a common area and substantial space for hosting private parties.

5/F, Remex Center, 42 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Aberdeen
9304 1902

17:00 pm | Rock Carvings at Wong Chuk Hang
Next to a stream course near Nam Fung Road lies a group of meticulous carved patterns on a rock for which the precise age is unknown. Listed as a declared monument in Hong Kong in 1984, the carvings feature a group of spiral patterns and animal figures, bearing a resemblance with carvings of the Bronze Age potteries found in Hong Kong.

18:30 pm | 3/3rds
Another hip eatery tucked away in an industrial building, 3/3rds is a pizza place brimming with a sense of warehouse chic. The interior has made the best use of its stonewashed floor and exposed bricks, with all furniture available for sale here, if you can carry it home.

But what truly makes the place worth noticing is its pizza – the crisp and almost cracker-like base lets the toppings speak for themselves. But personally I like its grill cheese sandwich better; melting cheese oozing out the chewy sourdough, it’s just what every cheese craver can ask for.

Yally Industrial Building, 22/D, 6 Heung Yip Rd
9304 1902

20:00 pm | Aberdeen Marina Club
Tucked away in a serene corner of Shum Wan Road, Aberdeen Marina Club is an exclusive shore-side sanctuary reserved only for the wealthiest for which membership is strictly by invitation.

In addition to vessel-berthing ports, the club is also known for its tropical poolside, which is perfect for barbecue parties. Also on offer is a vast span of recreational facilities as well as two top-notch restaurants – Marina Grill and The Horizon.

Aberdeen Marina Club, 8 Shum Wan Road
2555 8321

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