Taikoo Shing Apartment Reconfigured

Decor House reconfigures a 700 square feet apartment at Taikoo Shing for a retired couple who are poised for a new chapter

Reconfiguring a home you’ve lived for a decade is no easy task. After spending the past 10 years in the apartment, Mr. and Mrs. Fung desired a new chapter, not only in their life but also to their home.

Local based Decor House took the couple’s wish list that includes a certain level of purity in white, substantial space for storage and, in other words, something refreshing, and completely transformed the home’s identity with a modern twist.

“I gave my clients three proposals and they went for the boldest one,” says Barry Leung, designer at Decor House.

Starting from the entrance, you can already tell there’s nothing typical about the retired couple. Embracing simplicity with shades of grey, the entrance area is neat and tastefully modern, festooned with an elegant wall sconce casting a light pattern on the wall.

One of the major changes in space was the kitchen, the maid room was moved aside to near the entrance to give space for a more practical and spacious kitchen with simple painted cabinetry, one of the most frequently used space in the home.

Although the apartment featured a large window at the living room but sunlight is blocked by the building it faces.

To open up the room, the designer added a handful of interior windows and have them aesthetically scattered on a white brick wall dividing the kitchen and the dining area.

Many would prefer to knock down the wall to make it an open kitchen in such case; but “one of the kinks of open kitchen is that it allows cooking smells penetrate into the living room,” notes Leung.

“Adding interior windows gives a more open feel while adding a charming detail to the home.”

Both the living and dining area are finished in a subtle white, as Mrs. Fung requested, forming a clean back drop to contrast with the windows in black steel frames.

Another main construction was sleeping area. As the couple asked for a more open-plan space in the master bedroom, the wall between the original study room and the bedroom came down and replaced by a sculptural wooden bookcase. The wall dividing one of the bathrooms is also demolished to make a bedroom and bathroom combo.

“A decant working space for work and for storing his books is what Mr. Fung cares the most,” says Leung.

Above the headboard is yet another storage cabinet set in close vicinity to a large armoire, in between is Mrs. Fung’s dressing table.

“We created plenty of concealed storage places for owners’ accumulated stuff over the years, ensuring a clutter-free home for the couple to enjoy in retirement.”

The guest room, which remains for the couple's children when they visit, also serves as yet another storage zone.

Cluttering problem aside, the design house is also tasked with making the apartment safer for the ageing parents. To achieve that, the bed was made higher and the toilet entrance in the master bedroom was enlarged for easier access.

“The clients want an overhaul to their home once and for all; hence home safety will be increasingly important as they age.”

While more and more modern retirees are looking elsewhere to spend their golden years (Taiwan, Australia, even Cambodia these days), this revamped apartment, perfectly designated for a relaxing and uncluttered life, demonstrates why there’s no place like home.

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