Sony x BoConcept: Life Space UX Projector and Speaker

Sony partners with BoConcept to showcase how its Life Space UX projector and speaker can blend into home environments

It is a dilemma for any design aficionado. After pouring money and resources into creating the dream home, audio visual equipment and gadgets that tend to accompany modern living often stick out as eye sores. Japanese electronics leader Sony has addressed the issue of bulky tech products with its Life Space UX range of audio visual experiences sized to fit Hong Kong homes and lifestyles. And it is collaborating with BoConcept to show how it can be done.

In town for the launch of Life Space UX on 21 October were Hiroshi Saito and Tsuda Yukinobu, Sony’s TS Business Planning Office general manager and consumer experience producer respectively. They explained at an exclusive event in BoConcept’s Central shop how Life Space UX can enhance the home entertainment experience without taking up extra space.

The Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector LSPX-P1 is a 10 cm white cube that packs a potent punch when it comes to visuals. Capable of throwing up to a two metre image onto a wall, table or other flat surface, it immediately transforms any space into a mini theatre. The projector itself is a light, user-friendly box that can be easily moved around and stored when not in use. It is equipped with internal speakers and battery, and can be powered by a smart phone to view photos or movies—or even be used as a clock. Otherwise, the wireless unit included with the projector allows movies or games to be enjoyed from a TV set op box or Blu-ray player. The projector’s rounded edges and soft white colour is matched by a separate slim pedestal stand that allows it to be positioned virtually anywhere.

For the ultimate in sound quality, the Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S1 is an elegant cylinder that resembles a candle holder. Made from organic glass, an LED lamp set within the speaker combines light and music in a package that will add a touch of romance to spaces. As it is lightweight and portable, it can be positioned anywhere music and illumination may be desired, such as a dinner table, beside a bed or at outdoor parties. When the speaker is turned on, it lights up gradually like a candle to emit a soft, warm glow; when it turned off, the lamp dims slowly until the power is off. Also battery powered, it connects with smart phones and other devices via Bluetooth to allow for crystal clear renditions of playlists as the main event or as background ambience.

From 11 November to 31 December, Life Space UX was showcased both at the Causeway Bay Sony Store and BoConcept in Central. The contemporary Danish furniture and lifestyle company’s two storey showroom with its leafy outdoor terrace provided the perfect backdrop to illustrate the advantages of Life Space UX in a homey setting. Unobtrusive yet with Sony’s renowned acoustic and visual quality, Life Space is a smart addition to homes where style and substance reign equally important.