Editor's Review: Skyla at Kennedy Town

Skyla is perhaps the most luxurious bolthole in the midst of a rapidly gentrifying town. The location is superb – and sitting in a neighbourhood brimful of hip restaurants and bars means you can grab anything on a whim.

Kennedy Town may be at the Western end of Hong Kong Island, but the arrival of the MTR station has lured a vast span of dining options and new developments into the town since 2014, making it a linked community pulsating with vitality day and night.

The four-year-old serviced apartment is within reach – about two minutes’ walk to MTR and 10 minutes’ walk to the bus terminal.

I checked into a duplex loft on the 23rd floor, which costs a reasonable HK$ 60,000 per month. It’s reasonable not only because of its classy décor (rarely do we see floor art pieces at a serviced apartment in town) and tasteful furnishings, but also its pleasant, attentive and efficient front desk, who came up and down several times in one night.

With two floor-to-ceiling slide doors leading to the terraces facing each other on both sides of the apartment, one next to the couch and one in the kitchen, the living and dining areas are airy and bright, allowing an ideal space for a nice get-together with a small group of three to five.

Receiving an enchanting view of the surrounding complex, the moderate-sized terrace is not for the faint-hearted. Stepping out onto the terrace you will be transfixed, as you can easily get an aerial view of the entire neighbourhood through the glass railings.

The kitchen, clothed in muted hue, is kitted out with a Nespresso machine, a washing machine, a massive fridge and all kinds of kitchenware you need for preparing a meal for your guests.

The menu for the night was rosemary butter steak, fettuccine Alfredo and lobster bisque. Imagine, with all the cooking and preparation, my guests would have definitely been treated to the mixed aromas of steak and grease without proper ventilation.

Drawing the curtain at night you get a more placid and cosy vibe that boasts a sleep mode.

We cramped onto the couch, which is big enough to fit three to four, and flipped through the TV channels, which seemed to never end.


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The sleeping zone upstairs is even plusher. With a lantern-like floor lamp and a wooden sliding partition, the upper floor is charmed with an oriental flair.

A comfy designer lounge chair set cleverly positioned in between the bed and the walk-in closet means you can collapse in it after a big meal with a glass of port and enjoy some reading or loop movies to sleep. No question, the latter is my kind of night.

The platform bed is my favourite part, however. Next to yet another floor-to-ceiling window with an adjustable plasma, super sleek and super soft, this king-sized bed is just the one to lay your head on.

With only two units per floor, the building provides utmost privacy with easy access to the bustling surroundings. If you are looking for a more budget-beating option, you can go for the regular units that are priced up from HK$20,000.

Staying in such a condo makes sleeping seem such a waste of time. That night my guests didn’t look like they had any intention of leaving, and that was after dinner, two movies, two packs of chips and two bottles of wine. But honestly, who would?

With a tasteful décor, beyond-satisfactory service and a vivid neighbourhood, Skyla is indisputably a captivating serviced living option on the rise.