Vegetarian Eel Claypot with Black Bean Sauce

What more can be more satisfying than eating claypot during the winter, in case you are a vegetarian or don’t want to eat too much meat, here’s a recipe for Vegetarian Eel Claypot with Black Bean Sauce.

Vegetarian Eel Claypot with Black Bean Sauce

Taiwan Bean Curd by Batata Greens - 3 Pieces
Sushi seaweed - 1 Sheet
Mushrooms - 15 Pieces
Marmoreal mushroom - 1/3 Bag
Fresh Black Fungus - 100g
Red Pepper – 1 Piece
Cilantro - Some
Celery - Some
Rice - 400g
Water - 400ml

Black Bean Sauce and Oyster Sauce - 2 Tablespoons
Facing Heaven Pepper – 1 Piece (Shredded)
Ginger – Some (Shredded)


1. Wash mushrooms, place in a container with water to soak overnight and store in the refrigerator.

2. Use scissors to cut around the soaked mushrooms into strips and marinate it with oyster sauce, sugar, black pepper, salt, pepper, sesame oil and corn starch.

3. Heat wok with oil, set marinated mushrooms aside.

4. When the wok is heated, sauté the shredded ginger, black bean, facing heaven pepper, then add fresh black fungus, mushrooms, 1/2 bowl of water, stew until the water dries up, add other seasoning and fry slightly, then set it aside.

5. Vegetarian eel roll: unroll the fresh bean curd, place 1/4 sheet of seaweed, smear on some Shacha sauce and add seaweed, marmoreal mushrooms, then roll from the bottom up and secure with bamboo stick.

6. Wash and drain rice, then place in a cast iron pot and add water. Medium heat to a boil, add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1/2 teaspoon of mushroom seasoning powder and mix well.

7. Place the mushrooms, black fungus and eel rolls on top of the rice and cover the lid (cook for 14 minutes with low heat).

8. After turning off the stove, let it sit for about 10 minutes, finally sprinkle some celery and cilantro on top and it is ready to serve.


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