Schneider Makes Your Home Safer and Wiser

Schneider’s Xightor door entry system and Wiser Link management are smart ways to ensure that your home is secure and efficiently maintained

While a home is often the biggest financial investment for most people, enjoying it with family is arguably its biggest reward. There are some who barely blink when it comes to designing and decorating their abode with expensive brand name materials and furnishings, yet they let safety and sustainability slide. It is a similar case with home insurance—it only seems necessary when there is a problem, yet by then it is too late and the disaster has already occurred.

Schneider Electric is a France-based global company specialising in energy management and automation solutions that include hardware, software and services. Founded in 1836 by Adolphe and Joseph-Eugene Schneider, it initially concentrated on the steel industry and went on to diversify into the production of heavy machinery and transportation equipment. After its acquisitions of various energy companies throughout the 1980s and '90s, Schneider shifted focus to the electrical industry and rebranded itself as Schneider Electric in 1999. Today, its products are used in the home and office, in small to large scale projects, and from simple switches to complex operational systems.

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Schneider Electric’s Xightor Pro Entrance Control System is a safe and easy way to monitor who comes in and out of your home, ensuring peace of mind and protection of your most valuable asset: your family. The Xightor Pro package comes with an indoor video door phone with a touch screen, a weatherproof outdoor or lobby station and management software.

Think of Xightor Pro as a gatekeeper. Here is how it works: you will be notified of any visitor arriving at your lobby or front gate via a live feed and image. The system is easy to install and the touch screen comes with a fully flat surface and customisable frames to match your décor. If there is no one at home, the Xightor Pro video door phone mobile app will announce the visitor on your mobile phone—you can choose to let the person in or arrange another visit through the video intercom function. If your home’s intruder alarm is triggered, your phone and your lobby’s security guard station will sound an alert message. You can also enable and disable the alarm through your mobile device.

Xightor Pro is an extendable system that can expand to remotely control lighting and curtains. The addition of cameras allows you to strengthen security in the garden or balcony. You can even save time by calling for the lift from your touch screen. And Xightor Pro’s IP54 weatherproof outer shell makes it suitable for Hong Kong’s humid weather conditions.

Meanwhile, Schneider Electric’s Wiser Link is an app and system that allows you to check electricity, gas and water usage. With this information at your fingertips, you can manage these resources intelligently, leading to reduced energy bills. The app lets you stay connected to your home and monitor energy consumption even while you are away for business or pleasure. You can choose to display consumption by energy type or by specific appliances, and analyse consumption by hourly, daily or monthly graphs. Wiser Link helps you achieve your sustainability goals, while informing you of power shortages so that you will never return home to melted ice cream or other nasty surprises.