TOTO’s New Neorest AH Intelligent Toilet

TOTO’s New Neorest AH Intelligent Toilet’s myriad of innovative features provides the best seat in the house

For well over a hundred years, Japanese brand TOTO has dedicated itself to innovation. Through investment in product modernisation, research and development, the functional and aesthetical qualities of its products have given sanitary living spaces an ambience of cocooning comfort. Its latest creation, the New Neorest AH Intelligent Toilet, once again breaks new ground in technology and design. Already snapped up by luxury homes, grade A commercial buildings and luxury hotels, the New Neorest AH is available in wall mounted or freestanding versions to provide the ultimate in bathroom experiences.

Designed and manufactured in Japan, the New Neorest AH demonstrates pure streamlined looks combined with advanced engineering. The sensor-activated toilet lid automatically raises and lowers, while a side night light adds discreet illumination. The product includes a rimless bowl finished in an extra smooth CeFiONtect glaze, a breakthrough that promotes better hygiene with stain resistant technology. The toilet lid, seat surface and retractable wand are all comprised of anti-bacterial materials to prevent the spread of germs and odours. TOTO’s Hybrid Ecology Flushing System employs a powerful yet quiet jet of water in a whirlpool movement that thoroughly cleans the entire surface using an efficient 3.8 litre of water with each flush.

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Before each use, the bowl is sprayed with a mist of electrolysed processed water known as ewater+ to rid it of any harmful bacteria or debris that regular water cannot achieve. As ewater+ is environmentally friendly, it can return to the water cycle without disturbance or additional treatment. Combined with TOTO’s Tornado Flush, ewater+ helps keep the product cleaner for much longer.

In addition to the sensor activated functions, the New Neorest AH includes an automatic air purifier, self activating flush, and remote controlled heated seats, water pressure and temperature. Meanwhile, the multifunctional retractable self cleaning wand allows for attentive front and rear washing, oscillating washing or even a softly massaging wash to suit every cleansing need. Preferences are stored in the product’s memory for customised experiences that turn everyday activities into pleasurable pastimes.

TOTO’s New Neorest AH is truly a throne for those who consider their bathroom a palace.