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The Weekend Escape to Sai Kung

Between unheralded geographic spectacles and hip coffee shops and bars, and some of the freshest seafood in town, Sai Kung has much more to offer than just a destination for a barbecue or weekend escape holiday. Hailed as the “back garden of Hong Kong”, Sai Kung’s natural diversity offers an abundance of outdoor options that are accessible enough to be conquered in a single day.

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12:30 pm | Chip in Fish & Chips Bistro
The Sai Kung town centre is full of hidden gems, and Chip in Fish & Chips Bistro is definitely one of them. This British-themed bistro is loved for its fries, classic fried chicken, calamari and onion rings to a weirder option of fried pineapple, and the downright bizarre, fried Oreo. Yes, Oreo. Sounds like something you don’t want to even touch, but this is popular among visitors for its soft inner texture and crunchy crust.

Shop 11, G/F, Ko Shing House, 9 King Man Street
9761 5091

13:30 pm | Five Coffee Company
Tucked away on Hoi Pong Street in the Sai Kung town market, this boutique coffee shop tells you everything about Sai Kung – rural, serene and delicate. Dotted with brass bookshelves and retro décor, the shop is cramped with little seating indoors. Following the old Sai Kung fashion, though, the café has an alfresco seating area with selective seats, which is perfect for pet owners and smokers.

3 Sai Kung Hoi Pong Street
2613 1010

14:45 pm | Hoi Ha Wan
A paradise for kayakers, Hoi Ha Wan is the place where you can freely paddle along the picturesque coastline, drift pass beautiful beaches, have a picnic and take a sun bathe on them, or jump into the water and snorkel.
Despite all the marine activities, Hoi Ha is also a sanctuary for marine life and one of the most pristine places in Hong Kong.

16:00 pm | Pak Lap Wan
Hong Kong is known for beautiful beaches, mostly in pictures. Those who frequently visit would know many coasts are more like breeding grounds for food scraps or plastic-bag jellyfish. If you don’t want to swim with trash and swallow algae by accident, your best bet is the unheralded Pak Lap Wan on the eastern Sai Kung Country Park. This secluded spot could be the most unpolluted shore in Hong Kong where you’ll be amazed by the transparency of the water. This is the perfect beach where you can have a barbecue, camp, a picnic, or simply lie down on the sand and feel the gentle lap of the waves.

17:30 pm | Junk Ride
From the Sai Kung promenade you can get on a boat for a one-day outing or just a few hours to cruise along the scenic Sai Kung peninsula, and enjoy the sunset. You can also drop into Sharp Island for a couple of hours, where it has some spectacular traces of rock erosion caused by the waves and a sedimentary landform, such as a natural sand levee, and unique rock formations.

19:00 pm | Floating Seafood Market
The Sai Kung seafood market is a noisy and colourful area always lined with an array of boats, junks and sampans with fishermen selling all kinds of seafood to customers from the Sai Kung waterfront promenade. Prepare to be amazed by the variety of seafood and dried seafood they sell, some of it even too weird to be recognised. After selecting the seafood, you can have it prepared at one of the nearby restaurants according to your preference of cooking – steamed, braised or fried.

20:30 pm | Tikitiki Bowling Bar
After a big meal, time to get your body moving at Tikitiki, a funky tropical-themed bowling spot with 10 bowling alleys. As a bowling disaster, I find my joy at the bar next to the lanes instead. On the wine menu is a long list of cocktail classics and Tikitiki-inspired creations. Food here is also unpredictable. It has the classic finger food such as calamari, buffalo chicken wings or the sinful cheesy fries; then you can find fried wonton and a beef skewer. But I opt for the samosa, goes perfect with a guilt-free drink.

1A Chui Tong Road, Sai Kung