Editor's Review: Shama Mid-Levels

It was around 7pm just as night was falling and I was climbing a shadowy and secluded staircase from Star Street up to Shama on Kennedy Road with my heart pounding hard.

It turned out this was an alternative path to the building’s back door, which was unfortunately locked. It wasn’t until I arrived at the front door breathlessly that I realised a taxi was more preferable to get to Shama.

Located in the Mid-Levels, but not on the main drag, Shama is set back on Kennedy Road amid a crowd of luxurious residential condominiums.

The building may not be easily reached if you don’t have a car, but it earns its serenity and privacy in close proximity to the bustling Star Street and the Admiralty MTR station, if you know the way.

With one unit per floor, the 27-storey building isn’t new, but it has been well renovated since it was taken over by Shama from Oakwood in May.

Most of the décor remains the same after the handover, preserving a sleek sophistication with its wood-clad rooms and marble lobby. High-ceiling and white marble flooring and walls make the entrance a welcome sight to start with.

I checked into the room on the 27th floor. The homey living room comprises a velvet two-seater brown couch, a flat screen TV and windowsill seating that enjoys an unimpeded vista to the Mid-Levels with Pacific Place and Conrad Hotel in sight.

The 600 square foot apartment has adapted an open-plan scheme where the kitchen, living area and the sleeping zone are connected to ensure a seamless flow of space.

The bedroom and living area are divided by a wardrobe and a smaller TV facing the bed.

Some people may prefer flopping on the bed once checking into their rooms, but it’s simply a waste of the bright, sleek and enormous open kitchen that would make you feel guilty not to do some cooking in it.

There’s just a five-minute walk to the bar enclave of Star Street, but to be honest, all you want to do, no matter whether you are in your cosy home or a posh five-star hotel, is to draw the curtains, lounge on the bed and have a movie marathon. Which is exactly what I did on a happy Friday night.

Why not? I mean, the bed was so soft and enormous you could fit a whole family in it, from which you can drink as much as you want and get as blasted as you can get, without needing to drag yourself off to bed afterwards.

Though you won’t find any restaurants in the building, there are more than enough dining outlets on nearby Star Street that serve breakfast and open quite early in the morning. An assured cure for a hangover.

Rating (5 is the highest)

Environment: 4/5 Location: 2/5 Amenities: 4/5 Sleep Quality: 5/5