6 Top Home Décor Trends in 2016

Want to create a home that is both comfortable and chic? While some trends come and go fast, there are others that are going to stick around for quite some time. After reviewing all the trending styles that have been going on around the globe in 2016, here are some of the popular ones that we think are the most suitable for homes in Hong Kong.

1. Scandinavian Style
This export of Northern Europe is also making a comeback to the home décor scene. From the British Isles to here in Hong Kong, Scandinavian Style has been one of the most talked about interior design styles which is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. With the use of simple colour schemes and natural materials like wood and leather, you can stretch your DIY muscle and create a Scandinavian style habitat without spending too much.

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2. White Marble
Your first reaction must be – Oh… marble is so expensive… Don’t worry, instead of grandiose marble floor or extravagant kitchen and bathroom countertops, what is popular these days is small touch-ups with white marble items like candleholders, coasters and clocks. You can either get the more expensive real deal or the cheaper alternatives that use ceramics to create the same effect.

3. Matte Finishes
Instead of dazzling shiny surfaces, subtle matte finishes are the new trend which places emphasis on the quality and form of the object itself. From decorations like vases to large pieces like kitchen countertops, oxidized metal, matt glazes and chalk-finish paint are ways that you can create a contrasting effect against glass and other metallic objects. Matte finishes can also make your living space feel cooler and calmer, while establishing a sense of balance.

4. Brass
Many people will probably associate brass with old-fashion as it was a reminder of the 70s. Over four decades of rule, silver tone is finally stepping down and in comes brass. From water faucets, door knobs to lamps, the warm and gleaming quality of brass can add a fresh touch to any décor and give it a pre-digital yet glamourous new look. Brass looks great with colours like black and grey and materials like marble and wood.

5. Muted Colours
What does muted colour mean? A simple explanation is that muted colours are less saturated and thus less bright. Particularly in trend this year are muted pastels like rose quartz and serenity and both have been selected ‘Color of the Year 2016’ by PANTONE. While rose quartz, a shade of pale pink, conveys warmth and security, serenity, a shade of baby blue, is a cooler colour that gives inhabitants a sense of tranquillity, and of course, as its name suggests, an air of serenity. Both colours are perfect for the bedroom where you can relax and sleep tight after a long, stressful day at work.

6. Indoor-Outdoor Fabric
Traditionally perceived as unflattering and rough looking, outdoor fabrics have found a new place in many homes where their durability and weather resistance make perfect furniture for the high-traffic dining room and living room. Coined indoor-outdoor fabric, it is made of synthetic fibres such as acrylic and polyolefin and comes in different textures, colours and pattern designs. You can use them as furniture covers, pillows and table cloths etc.