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Haunted House - Tai Hang in Hong Kong

Date District Address Building Case
2013 11-09 Tai Hang Tsuen Wing House, Lai Tak Estate Lai Tak Estate A woman in her 60s jumped off the building due to sickness.
2013 08-28 Tai Hang Elm Tree Tower 24 year old girl hanged herself due to relationship problem.
2013 03-21 Tai Hang 58 Tai Hang Road 52 year old male victim with Down Syndrome died at home, his 2 Filipino domestic helpers were charged with murder
2012 10-21 Tai Hang 19/F Tsuen Wing House, Lai Tak Tsuen Lai Tak Tsuen 39 year old male with emotion disorder jumped off the building
2007 12-12 Tai Hang 101-111, Tai Hang Drive Female hanged herself
2007 09-07 Tai Hang 44/F Block 1 Illumination Terrace 5-7 Tai Hang Rd Illumination Terrace Female in her 70's with cancer hanged herself
2006 10-30 Tai Hang 5/F 8, School St Young male with mental disorder jumped off the building
2003 11-23 Tai Hang
2001 02-06 Tai Hang
1998 03-09 Tai Hang
1997 05-11 Tai Hang