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Haunted House - Stanley in Hong Kong

Date District Address Building Case
2016 01-18 Stanley Pacific View Singaporean boy fell from building after argument with family
2014 11-15 Stanley Chun Ma House, Ma Hang Estate Chun Ma House A post-80 woman jumped to her death due to illness.
2013 03-09 Stanley Block 2 Pacific View 浪琴园 3 year old girl fell off from the building
2009 02-05 Stanley Block 2 Correctional Services Staff Quarters 57, Tung Tau Wan Road Correctional Service officer burnt charcoal
2007 06-30 Stanley Yee Tak House Tak Lung Court Middle aged male was found dead
2006 12-31 Stanley Regalia Bay House Regalia Bay House 4 year old girl fell from the window and died