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Haunted House - Sai Wan Ho in Hong Kong

Date District Address Building Case
2017 08-22 Sai Wan Ho Tai On House A middle-aged man fell off the building and died
2017 06-28 Sai Wan Ho Lei King Wan Yat Wah Mansion A 19 years old teenager jumped off the building and died
2016 04-10 Sai Wan Ho 18 Shing On Street Japanese man committed suicide by jumping off building
2014 09-11 Sai Wan Ho Hing Cho House, Hing Tung Estate A married couple committed suicide at the building.
2013 06-26 Sai Wan Ho Tai Chung Building, Shau Ki Wan Road 116-120 Tai Chung Building 46 year old man hanged himself due to sickness.
2013 04-09 Sai Wan Ho Yat Sing Mansion Lei King Wan Yat Sing Mansion 72 year old male jumped off the building due to health problem
2013 02-28 Sai Wan Ho King Hei House Tung Hei Court King Hei House Middle aged male hanged himself after an argument with his girlfriend
2010 03-05 Sai Wan Ho Yee Cheung Court Lei King Wan Yee Cheung Court Woman in her 80's smothered herself with a plastic bag
2004 07-13 Sai Wan Ho
2004 01-15 Sai Wan Ho
2003 07-24 Sai Wan Ho 30/F Block 3 Fu Ning Garden Fu Ning Garden Middle aged female jumped off the building
2003 07-22 Sai Wan Ho
2003 03-09 Sai Wan Ho
2003 01-21 Sai Wan Ho
2002 05-22 Sai Wan Ho
2001 12-26 Sai Wan Ho
2000 11-30 Sai Wan Ho
1999 03-01 Sai Wan Ho
1984 03-31 Sai Wan Ho