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Haunted House - Sai Kung in Hong Kong

Date District Address Building Case
2017 11-23 Sai Kung 1, Chui Tong Road A man fell off the building and died
2017 05-30 Sai Kung A woman hanged herself and died
2016 11-27 Sai Kung Sai Kung Garden 24 year old man fell from apartment unit and was pronounced dead upon arrival at hospital
2016 05-24 Sai Kung Tui Min Hoi Chuen 38 year old man fell unconscious at home and died
2014 04-06 Sai Kung Chan Man Street, Sai Kung Garden A man hanged himself at home.
2013 04-10 Sai Kung Lakeside Garden 1, Chui Tong Road Lakeside Garden 47 year old male killed himself by burning charcoal
2009 12-12 Sai Kung Tai Po Tsai Tsuen, Clear Water Bay Road Sai Kung Old lady fell and fainted, drown in the bucket
2009 04-16 Sai Kung Rise Park Villas Sai Kung Rise Park Villas Indonesian domestic helper jumped off the building on her first day at work
2009 02-19 Sai Kung Pik Uk Tsuen Divorced female burnt charcoal at home
2009 02-15 Sai Kung Block 11 Lakedside Garden Lakeside Garden Male victim jumped off the building due to financial issue
2008 11-26 Sai Kung Pan Long Wan Village Pan Long Wan Village Former TVB staff burnt charcoal with a death note
2008 10-19 Sai Kung Ave 6 Ho Chung Village Ho Chung village male was found dead
2008 10-18 Sai Kung Block 4 La Casa Bella 9 Silver Cape Road La Casa Bella male was found dead
2008 08-18 Sai Kung Block 1 Lakeside Garden 1 Tsui Tong Rd Lakeside Garden Young child was found dead
2008 04-09 Sai Kung Tai Ho Tun Rd male burnt charcoal due to health problem
2007 10-27 Sai Kung 44B Sai Kung Rd Old female in her 80's was burnt to death
2007 03-25 Sai Kung Blokck 2 Lakeside Garden Lakeside Garden Old male jumped off the building
2006 12-27 Sai Kung Ho Chung Female hanged herself
2003 12-02 Sai Kung
2002 04-06 Sai Kung
2001 09-14 Sai Kung
2001 09-14 Sai Kung