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Haunted House - Quarry Bay in Hong Kong

Date District Address Building Case
2018 07-01 Quarry Bay Kornhill Block 3 A old woman fell from the apartment and died
2018 02-25 Quarry Bay Parkvale Shui Pak House 52 years old man fell off the building and died
2016 11-15 Quarry Bay Lei King Wan Yee Cheung Mansion 53 year old man fell unconscious on sofa and was confirmed dead
2016 09-30 Quarry Bay Harbour View Gardens Primrose Mansion 67 year old man jumped from room and died
2016 09-05 Quarry Bay Model House Estate Man Hong House 53 year old woman jumped from heights and died on the scene
2016 07-18 Quarry Bay Kornhill Block H 36 year old man with lung disease was found unconscious inside bedroom and was pronounced dead
2016 03-26 Quarry Bay Hoi Kwong Court 22 year old man suffering from mood disorder hanged himself
2015 12-24 Quarry Bay Taikoo Shing Former news anchor committed suicide by jumping off building
2015 12-15 Quarry Bay Female clerk committed charcoal-burning suicide due to work stress
2013 09-13 Quarry Bay Block 6, Nan Fung Sun Chuen Nan Fung Sun Chuen A man in his 80s jumped off the building due to sickness.
2013 08-25 Quarry Bay Nan Shan Mansion, Taikoo Shing Taikoo Shing 61 year old man with emotional problem jumped off the building.
2013 08-06 Quarry Bay Yick Cheong Building, King's Road A man committed suicide by burning charcoal.
2013 07-17 Quarry Bay Wsteria Mansion, Taikoo Shing Taikoo Shing A man in his 80s jumped off the building due to sickness.
2013 01-21 Quarry Bay Quarry Bay Tai Lung House Tai Lung House 83 year old male jumped off the building due to health problem
2011 05-27 Quarry Bay Kornhill Quarry Bay Kornhill 53 year old male, last name Lam was found dead outside the building.
2011 03-25 Quarry Bay Gee Lan Mansion Westlands Court 5, Westlands Road Quarry Bay Westlands Court Old male in his 80's jumped off the building
2011 01-17 Quarry Bay Block G Kornhill Quarry Bay Kornhill 16 year old girl suffered from mental disorder jumped off the building
2010 11-14 Quarry Bay 13/F Choi Tien Mansion Horizon Gardens Tai Koo Shing Horizon Gardens Female victim, Lam jumped off the building due to her illness
2008 06-29 Quarry Bay 8/ f Tai Ming house 9, Greig Rd Tai Ming House male jumped off the building due to health problem
2008 02-28 Quarry Bay 1/F Oceanic Bldg 1010-1026, king's Rd Oceanic Bldg Female burnt charcoal with a death note sticked on the door to her apartment
2007 12-21 Quarry Bay 3/F Phase 1 Kam Hoi Mansion 15 - 53A Pan Hoi St Kam Hoi Mansion Old male was burnt to death
2007 02-04 Quarry Bay Construction worker fell off the building
2006 09-15 Quarry Bay 3/F Blk K Kornhill Kornhill middle aged female with depression jumped off the building
2005 12-09 Quarry Bay
2005 04-19 Quarry Bay
2005 01-29 Quarry Bay
2004 10-29 Quarry Bay
2004 09-03 Quarry Bay
2004 08-25 Quarry Bay
2004 06-11 Quarry Bay
2004 01-15 Quarry Bay
2003 04-09 Quarry Bay
2001 12-23 Quarry Bay
2001 12-22 Quarry Bay
2001 09-02 Quarry Bay
2001 05-06 Quarry Bay
2000 10-19 Quarry Bay
2000 09-25 Quarry Bay
2000 05-24 Quarry Bay
1999 03-21 Quarry Bay
1998 08-02 Quarry Bay
1995 11-20 Quarry Bay
1995 06-02 Quarry Bay
1988 02-22 Quarry Bay
1983 03-31 Quarry Bay