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Haunted House - Pok Fu Lam in Hong Kong

Date District Address Building Case
2017 09-08 Pok Fu Lam Wah Fu Estate Wah Ming House 25 years old man fell of the building and died
2017 08-30 Pok Fu Lam Wah Fu Estate Wah Ming House 65 years old woman fell off the apartment and died
2017 04-02 Pok Fu Lam Wah Fu Estate Wah Sin House About 20-30 years old lady fell off the building and died
2016 11-08 Pok Fu Lam Wah Fu Estate Wah Tai House 81 year old woman fell from heights and died
2016 09-30 Pok Fu Lam Greenery Garden 42 year old Australian man was found unconscious inside apartment and died
2014 06-08 Pok Fu Lam Pokfulam Gardens A 53 year old accountant jumped off the building due to emotional sickness.
2013 10-13 Pok Fu Lam Wah On House, Wah Fu Estate Wah Fu Estate A woman in her 70s jumped off the building due to sickness.
2013 06-21 Pok Fu Lam Fu Kar Yuen, Chi Fu Fa Yuen Chi Fu Fa Yuen A man with emotional disorder jumped off the building.
2012 09-20 Pok Fu Lam Tower 5 Phase 1 Bel Air Bel Air Female hanged herself
2012 06-23 Pok Fu Lam Block 3 The Belcher's Previous singer jumped off the building due to depression.
2010 12-16 Pok Fu Lam 19/F Block 35, Baguio Villa Pok Fu Lam Baguio Villa Secondary school boy with a broken family background, attempted to settle relationship problem with his girlfriend at her apartment and failed, jumped off the building from the balcony
2009 09-01 Pok Fu Lam Tower 2 301, Victoria Road Western District Court judge jumped off the building
2009 08-04 Pok Fu Lam 30/F The Belcher's Kennedy Town Construction worker fell off by accident
2009 02-08 Pok Fu Lam Block 27 Baguio Villa Baguio Villa Female with depression jumped off the building
2006 11-19 Pok Fu Lam 40/F Phase 3 Belair Belair Old female jumped off the building due to health problem
2006 05-11 Pok Fu Lam 11/F 94, Pokfulam Road Pokfulam Court Female with mental disorder jumped the building
2004 05-17 Pok Fu Lam
2000 10-20 Pok Fu Lam
1998 03-12 Pok Fu Lam