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Haunted House - Lok Fu in Hong Kong

Date District Address Building Case
2018 03-11 Lok Fu Fu Keung Court Fu Ning House A man fell off the building and died
2017 08-12 Lok Fu Lok Fu Estate Lok Tung House 90 years old woman hanged herself in her bedroom and died
2009 12-05 Lok Fu Lok Tung House Lok Fu estate Lok Fu Estate Male with depression jumped the building
2009 04-01 Lok Fu 4/F Fu Nga House Fu Keung Court Fu Keung Court Female burnt charcoal
2006 11-11 Lok Fu 17/F Hong Keung Court Hong Keung Court Male murdered his wife and 2 daughters
2005 01-15 Lok Fu
2004 07-11 Lok Fu
2003 09-29 Lok Fu
2003 07-15 Lok Fu
2000 08-01 Lok Fu
1999 10-22 Lok Fu
1998 08-13 Lok Fu
1998 02-15 Lok Fu 20/F Tsui Mei House Tsui Ping Estate Tsui Ping Estate Male victim jumped off the building