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Haunted House - Kowloon Tong in Hong Kong

Date District Address Building Case
2017 06-27 Kowloon Tong Beverly Villa Block 8 22 years old teenager fell off the building due to study pressure
2016 08-22 Kowloon Tong 22B La Salle Road 97 year old man was found unconscious inside apartment and was pronounced dead upon arrival at hospital
2016 06-13 Kowloon Tong LaFord Court 80 year old man fainted and pronounced dead upon arrival at hospital
2013 03-12 Kowloon Tong The Palace Broadcast Drive The Palace 25 year old female victim was reported by her father to the police about her drug problem. Victim jumped off the building after returning home from the police station
2011 03-12 Kowloon Tong One Beacon Hill Tower Kowloon Tong One Beacon Hill Young female who had a relationship problem jumped off from the balcony of her friend's house
2008 10-21 Kowloon Tong Welcome Gardens 39 Boradcast Drive Welcome Gardens Indian male was found dead
2008 07-12 Kowloon Tong Maryland Court 3 Magnolia Road Maryland Court Restaurant owner was found dead
2008 04-25 Kowloon Tong Merry Court 4-6, Fessenden Rd Merry Court Female with depression hanged herself in the bathroom
2007 01-21 Kowloon Tong 38 Broadcast Rd Engineer hanged himself after a fight with his wife
2006 12-06 Kowloon Tong 1/F Block 2 Parc Oasis Parc Oasis Old female was found dead 3 days after a car accident
2005 11-01 Kowloon Tong
2003 09-14 Kowloon Tong
2003 06-18 Kowloon Tong
2002 01-07 Kowloon Tong
2000 11-03 Kowloon Tong
1998 07-22 Kowloon Tong