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Haunted House - Diamond Hill in Hong Kong

Date District Address Building Case
2017 01-16 Diamond Hill Lung Poon Court Lung Wan House 65 year old man jumped out of living room window and died from his injuries
2016 08-13 Diamond Hill Fu Shan Estate Fu Shun House 71 year old physician fell into a coma and died
2014 12-21 Diamond Hill Grand View Garden Block 6 A man fell off the building during window cleaning.
2012 08-29 Diamond Hill 26/F Lung Chu House Lung Poon Court Lung Poon Court 57 female fell from the building by accident
2011 12-08 Diamond Hill Block 2 Pik Fung House Fung Tak Estate Fung Tak Estate 51 year old male, found dead in bed.
2009 03-27 Diamond Hill 14/F Ngan Fung House Fung Tak Estate Fung Tak Estate Old Lady was burnt dead in the fire
2007 06-07 Diamond Hill Lung Chu House Lung Poon Court Female with emotional disorder jumped off the building
2007 02-13 Diamond Hill Fu Yan House Fu Shan Estate Old male hanged himself due to health problem
2006 04-05 Diamond Hill 16/F Block 12 Rhythm Garden Rhythm Garden Male was found dead
2006 01-21 Diamond Hill 23/F Lung Shan House Lung Poon Court Old female jumped off the building due to health problem
2005 01-31 Diamond Hill
2004 03-19 Diamond Hill
2003 05-20 Diamond Hill
2003 01-08 Diamond Hill
2001 12-19 Diamond Hill
1999 09-23 Diamond Hill
1998 07-22 Diamond Hill