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Haunted House - Choi Hung in Hong Kong

Date District Address Building Case
2014 11-24 Choi Hung Tan Fung House, Choi Hung Estate Tan Fung House An elderly woman was found dead at the building.
2014 01-21 Choi Hung Cheung Bor House, Choi Wan Estate Choi Wan Estate A 43 year old woman jumped off the building due to relationship problem.
2013 11-21 Choi Hung Sing San House, Choi Wan Estate Choi Wan Estate A man jumped off the building due to frustration.
2010 01-19 Choi Hung Shek Hung House Ping Shek Estate Ping Shek Estate Indonesian domestic helper fell from the window
2009 12-08 Choi Hung Tower 2 Kingsford Terrace 8, King Tung Street Kingsford Terrace Young boy died from brain disease.
2007 04-07 Choi Hung Luk ChingHse Choi Hung Estate 2 days old baby girl was found dead
2006 09-03 Choi Hung Pik Hoi House Choi Hung Estate Male jumped off the building
2002 06-08 Choi Hung
2001 09-10 Choi Hung
1999 09-29 Choi Hung
1999 05-04 Choi Hung
1999 03-13 Choi Hung
1999 03-11 Choi Hung
1999 01-27 Choi Hung