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Haunted House - Central in Hong Kong

Date District Address Building Case
2016 08-08 Central Henley Building 40 year old pregnant woman collapsed in restroom and was pronounced dead upon arriving at hospital
2013 11-08 Central Ho Kin Building, 49 Caine Road A woman in her 20s hanged herself in the building.
2013 04-21 Central 6/F 70, Queen's Road Central Female victim in her 60's jumped off the building due to health problem
2012 09-05 Central First Mansion 102, Robinson Street First Mansion 26 year old female architect well dressed herself and committed suicide due to relationship problem.
2012 09-04 Central Greenland Garden 69, Lyttleton Road Greenland Garden 81 year old male jumped from the building due to legal issue with Building Department on unauthorized building works
2011 06-05 Central Corona Garden 91-93, Kennedy Road Corona Garden Old lady in her 80's jumped off the building due to long term illness
2011 03-19 Central Fairlane Towers Bowen Road Fairlane Towers Business man unable to bear his kidney cancer, jumped off the building
2011 01-31 Central 32, Staunton Street Central Middle aged male visited his relative and burnt charcoal at his relative's place
2010 12-08 Central The Albany Central The Albany Business man killed himself first by cutting his own throat and jumped off the building due to business failure
2008 09-04 Central Kam Hei Mansion 33Staunton st Kam Hei Mansion middle aged male with health problem was found dead
2008 08-25 Central Ko Shing Bldg 265, Hollywood Rd ko Shing Bldg Female burnt charcoal due to relationship problem
2008 08-18 Central 30/F Tower 1 Centrestage 108, Hollywood rd Centrestage American was found dead
2005 11-21 Central
2005 10-01 Central
2004 02-15 Central
2003 07-23 Central
2000 03-14 Central