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Project description

The original layout comprised lots of small, claustrophobic rooms, which didn’t make sense, we got rid of the non-structural walls, including one that had sectioned off an area to one side of the living room;   except wielding symmetry and neutral colors, we softened strict minimalism with rounded, feminine forms, splashes of shades, and fusing vintage and modern pieces for greater depth and patina.
The property has become very light-filled, even at 6pm, natural light travels through the apartment, which has views of Central and the harbor, to the dining area and kitchen, which face lush hills.
To keep the emphasis on the breathtaking landscapes, we ensured that the color was not a distraction, simple tones of cracker and champagne were used as foundation hues and cappuccino-colored, striated-marble floors were layered with rugs which leave plenty of flexibility to the client to add different spices inside.

Project details

3000 ft²
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