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About 傳耀臺, 荃灣

傳耀臺 is a/an 村屋 located at 荃灣. 傳耀臺 consists of 17 blocks. 傳耀臺 is located in School Net 62.

Nearby schools:

路德會呂明才中學, 中華基督教會福幼幼稚園, 博愛醫院歷屆總理聯誼會梁省德中學, 荃灣公立何傳耀紀念中學, 荃灣聖多明尼幼稚園

Nearby public transportation:

老圍路, 圓玄學院對出 (專線小巴), 芙蓉山路, 新村對出 (專線小巴), 東普陀 (巴士), 東普陀 (巴士), 三棟屋村 (巴士)