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About Hanaevilla, Mid-Levels East

Hanaevilla is a/an Stand-alone Building located at Mid-Levels East. Hanaevilla was built in 1959 consists of 1 blocks, 3 floors and has a total of 9 units. Hanaevilla is located in School Net 12.

Nearby schools:

ESF International Kindergarten (Hillside), Bradbury School, Po Kok Primary School, Rosaryhill Secondary School, Rosaryhill Kindergarten

Nearby public transportation:

Tung Shan Terrace, Stubbs Road (Bus Stop), Tung Shan Terrace, Stubbs Road (Bus Stop), Craigmount, Stubbs Road (Bus Stop), Lingnan Primary School, Stubbs Road (Bus Stop), Evergreen Villa, Stubbs Road (Bus Stop)

Nearby medical/hospital/clinics:

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital Limited, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road, Tang Shiu Kin Hospital Community Ambulatory Care Centre, Tang Shiu Kin Hospital, Violet Peel General Out-patient Clinic