Small changes where it counts and when it counts can certainly make your home more welcoming and enjoyable for you and your guests. Here are a few tips that can help freshen up your life and home with affordable new items.

Fragrance wheel

Nothing is as welcoming and fresh as a signature scent. Engage and indulge you and your guests with a sense we often forget about – smell. Many fragrance shops have emerged offering and array of olfactory delights. Personalise yours and spritz away.

Floral additions

A small floral gesture in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, washroom, or just next to or on your coffee table, can go a long way. Shop for these once a week, preferably in a local market to not break the bank but still get those fresh flowers to surprise roommates and visitors.

Open sesame

Welcome mats are very important and aside from functional, they make a statement of who you are and how you live. Make sure to choose one that is disinfectant, or one that allows to be doused in disinfectant for regular cleaning.

Footwear placements

Often when you walk into someone’s home, guests remove their shoes. By allocating certain spaces in your shoe rack, you grant guests ‘a place’ or an importance, as if you truly are expecting them. This makes your entrance neater but also reduces the risk of a tripping hazard.  In addition, a tip to making your guests even more special – offer them courtesy slippers, preferably cotton ones that you are able to wash after each use.

Clean towels

Fresh towels will make anyone smile, if you have company, get a good half-dozen washcloths or hand towels, roll up and place in a small basket next to your sink, or hang from the mirror or wall, wherever you can find an extra couple of inches of free space. Provide an extra small bin or basket for the used ones and when done, just wash, dry and repeat.

Clean hands

Whether for the kitchen or the bathroom, invest in a good, robust hand soap that eliminates germs, moisturizes your hands, and has a pleasant smell. You might pay extra but it’s worth it – you will literally shake your (clean) hands in agreement.