It’s difficult to find the perfect rental property of your dreams. A spacious, well-designed flat in Central is definitely a sought-after place to live in, but it also costs you a pretty penny. To cut costs, perhaps you can find a cheaper flat in a less crowded area, but what if you want to alter the partitions for the sake of a newborn baby or for more efficient space? So, here comes the question – Is it possible to make alterations to a rental property?

Get the landlord’s consent
If the tenant wishes to make alternations or additions to the property, he should get the landlord’s prior written consent. This written consent should be clearly stated in the tenancy agreement.

Reinstate the property
The tenant is required to reinstate the property before the expiration of the tenancy agreement. The landlord will request the tenant to pay a certain amount of deposit to ensure the tenant will deliver his promise of reinstating the property before moving out.

Take photos as a record
The landlord should take photographs of the property as a record. To protect the respective interests of both parties, it should be stated in the tenancy agreement that if any party in the agreement breaches any terms or conditions in the agreement, the other party is entitled to terminate the agreement.

Date: 2014-05-15