When it comes to living with pets, renting an apartment is one of the pet owner’s biggest woes. Landlords tend to have a misconception that pets are messy, noisy and dirty, therefore they would rather rent to someone without a pet. If you are a pet owner looking for an apartment to rent, here are a few tips from our experts to guarantee a hassle-free apartment search:

Offer a higher security deposit.
One of the main reasons landlords do not rent to pet owners is because they’re afraid the pets will completely ruin their apartment. Although offering a higher deposit may take a toll on your finances, this will reassure the landlord that all potential damage costs will be covered by the security deposit.

Consider your pet’s happiness.
In the midst of apartment hunting, don’t forget to consider your pet’s feelings. Take their preferences into account in terms of size, location and environment. For example, a pet-friendly apartment would include a balcony, pet grooming services or veterinary hospitals nearby and a relatively quiet neighbourhood.

Provide information about your pet.
To gain the trust of the landlord, provide as many details as you can about your pet, such as their breed, temperament and personality. If possible, you can also ask previous landlords to confirm your pet’s behavior. Once the landlord knows more about your pet, they will feel more confident in renting out their apartment to you.

Arrange a meet and greet with your pet and landlord.
Before arranging a meet and greet with your pet and your landlord, make sure he is not afraid of animals. If the landlord is afraid of animals, this may decrease your chances of getting the apartment.

Get it in writing.
Before signing the lease agreement, make sure there is a written landlord and tenant ordinance between you and your landlord stating that your pet is allowed to live in the apartment. Nowadays, a verbal agreement isn’t strong enough to hold in the court of law – make sure you always get everything in writing.

Published on 30th May, 2014