When it comes to selling your home, there are a few things you can do to help increase the potential of a sale — besides finding a good agent, of course. The following are simple and easy to accomplish and take very little time or effort.

Remove Clutter
It’s very important to clear all the clutter from an apartment when showing it to a prospective buyer. A clutter-free apartment seems a little bit bigger, not to mention in better shape. The aim is to give the impression that everything runs smoothly, and make the buyer feel at home.

Keep It Clean
This point is a continuation of the idea of removing clutter. If your apartment is not clean and tidy, the buyer may wonder what other things you are not taking care of around. It always shows when you take pride in your apartment and prospective buyers will also desire to live there too.

Lights On
A home that appears brighter is more cheerful and welcoming — people instinctively notice it right away. An experienced agent will make sure to have all the lights on and the curtains open. The brighter it is inside an apartment, the better it will show.

Rearrange The Furniture
If selling your apartment furnished, arrange it in a way that enhances the space. Try to leave as much open space as possible, for example by moving a couch against a wall. You may even want to go as far as removing some furniture altogether. Only keep furniture for looks and not for use.

Fresh Coat Of Paint
As a rule, white or light-coloured walls are the way to go. Keep in mind that not all people have the same taste as you do. As a seller, you want to attract buyers and maintain their interest throughout the viewing. If you have dark paint or patterned wallpaper, I’d suggest painting the walls white.

Stay Out Of The Way
In my experience I’ve found that most buyers like to look at an apartment by themselves. Buyers like to talk amongst themselves and make comments but are less likely to do so if you’re around. If you must be present at viewings, it’s best to stand near something unimportant such as the front door and not wander too far from there. Then the buyers can walk around freely, talk about what they are seeing and how they like the apartment. Your agent should always direct them to you if they have any questions.