• Experiment with colours and materials

The festive season is here and that usually means everything is either green, red or gold. However, this season, try incorporating, silver, clear and off-white items as well as blue ones; from midnight blue to peacock and robin’s egg. Aside from colours, experiment with shapes and sizes, and know that you can make your décor stand out by exploring objects in different materials. Cotton, burlap and silk mixed with glass, wood, feathers and metallic are great alternatives for festive ornaments and other decorative items around the home. As for fabrics, integrate and alternate solids with bold patterns like plaids, hounds tooth and chevrons. 

Christmas tree made from ladder
  • Work with what you have

Look at the items and ornaments that you already own. Some may just be in need of a little TLC or DIY. So grab your paintbrush or spray paint and off you go; tired ornaments can be given a new life by painting them all white, blue or silver. It’s simple—just repurpose what you already have in your ornament box.

  • Mix and match but no matchy-matchy

Be selective with your ornaments. Not everything has to come out at once—some you will repurpose and some you will not. Look at ornaments that have a special, warm feeling or a fond memory. Those, regardless, are your keepsakes. Work around that and start mixing it up. New pieces will add life and contrast to these memory-makers. This shall be the focus point of your festive décor. Whether it is on the dining table, a tree, wreath or a centrepiece—there must be something that has meaning to you.

  • Eco-friendly options

Pay attention to the labels of new products and ornaments you purchase, and opt, if possible for greener, environmentally responsible options. It is no secret that space is a premium in smaller apartments—why not opt for a potted Christmas tree? They are smaller and can live for many years if taken good proper care of. Artificial trees, those that are lead-free and made out of recycled PVC are good alternatives. They have a shelf life of 20+ years and come in an array of colours and sizes. A favourite is the slim option with a smaller than usual diametre, meaningless space. 

Winter Christmas decorations in Scandinavian style.
  • Change it up a bit

Not everything festive has to be so literal. Sometimes even decorative cones of assorted sizes and materials, framed photographs of family and friends throughout the house, candles (battery-operated), simple floral arrangements in white and neutral tones, and even old-fashioned hand-written holiday cards can help you perfect the festive spirit in your home.