When buying property, buyers sometimes overlook the importance of building inspection. The apartment may look new and fabulous on the outside, but you may find problems with the internal structure in dark and hidden corners. If you want to save money from hiring a professional, you can do your own building inspection. After all, sparing a few minutes now will benefit you in the long run!


When checking doors, make sure they can open, close and lock smoothly. If you have faulty locks, you might get locked in a room in the future. Make sure the door is also made of solid wood, otherwise it’ll need to be replaced very soon.


Other than checking whether windows can open and close properly, make sure the window frame includes 12 screws. Even if there’s one screw missing, it may become loose in the future. Also, check whether the sticky plastic surrounding the windows is stuck on smoothly and if there are any air bubbles. If it isn’t properly stuck on, this may lead to water leakage on rainy days.


To check whether the floorboards are even, try rolling a marble or ping pong ball from one end to the other. If the round object rolls off quickly, this means that the floorboards are uneven. Pay attention to the overall smooth placement of the floorboards and check if there are any loose floorboards.


Check if there are any cracks in the ceiling. If the ceiling looks yellow, brown or there’s chipped paint, you may need to renovate in a short period of time. To check the internal structure, try knocking on the ceiling at different points to see if some parts are hollow. Also, if the ceiling is leaking water, there may be a problem with the internal structure.


One of the most important things to check in the kitchen is the water pressure. Try turning on the tap and the washing machine at the same time to check if any water leaks onto the floor.


Don’t forget to check if the sticky plastic bits around the bathtub and sink are stuck on properly and if there are any air bubbles. To check the water pressure, put the tap on max and place newspaper on the drainage pipe to see if there’s any water leakage.