When it comes to buying property in Hong Kong, there tends to be various personality types of homebuyers. Although every individual is unique and special, homebuyers tend to base their final decision on different factors. Some may buy an apartment out on a whim, while others require concrete evidence and research to support their decision. Which type of homebuyer are you?

The marriage buyer

One of the most common types of homebuyers in Hong Kong is individuals buying an apartment to get married and start a family. According to Chinese belief, owning property symbolises stability, which provides a good start for marriage and the next stage in life. Individuals buying property for marriage tend to be first home buyers, as they prefer to stay at home to save money for the initial deposit.

The investment buyer

Instead of buying property to lead a grounded and stable life, the investment homebuyer tends to buy property in hopes of making a potential profit out of it in the future. These types of buyers tend to be experienced in the real estate market business, as they view property as an investment opportunity and prefer to buy several properties to minimise risks and maximise profits.

The expressive buyer

The expressive buyer tends to value emotion over reason – if the buyer “feels” happy and comfortable in an apartment, this would greatly influence his final decision. First impressions are especially important for this type of homebuyer, especially if the individual is planning to buy to live in the property.

The controlled buyer

Contrary to the expressive buyer, controlled buyers like to make the final decision without the influence of others, as they prefer to be in control of the situation. Even the individual’s emotional factor would not drastically influence the final decision, as they tend to be more rational when buying property.

The analytical buyer

Similar to the controlled buyer, the analytical buyer tends to value reason over emotion. Analytical buyers prefer to do their own research, as they prefer to base their final decision on hard facts and statistics. After extensive research and statistical reports, the analytical buyer will feel more comfortable in making a final decision.