Indigo Living’s furniture rental service presentsa convenient, hassle-free solution for relocatingoverseas—no matter how long or short your contract.

Planning an international move takes plenty of work. After figuring out arrangements at your new job and getting yourself and your family ready to relocate, there’s the issue of where you’re going to live. And with a new home comes new furniture and accessories—that is, unless you prefer to ship your favourite pieces to Hong Kong. Either choice comes with great expenses and challenges. And while there are always pre-furnished spaces, these often come at a higher rental cost without the choice of swapping out pieces according to your personal style—you either take the property or leave it.

This is the conundrum that award-winning furniture retailer and design service Indigo Living aims to address with its ingenious furniture rental service, which presents a convenient, hassle-free alternative to shipping or shopping. Here’s how it works: first, inform Indigo Living’s team of your living location, move-in date, and desired leasing term for the furniture. Then, select the pieces you want, confirm the delivery schedule, and let the company do the rest. They’ll deliver and set up your items so that everything is ready by the time you arrive, which means no dealing with a half-empty home. Indigo Living’s rental service isn’t just a solution for home occupiers, either—it’s also an excellent time-saver for HR professionals who are looking to set up accommodation for new hires from overseas.

Once you’ve signed up for the service, you can customise it according to your needs. The leasing terms are flexible, with a short-term option that ranges from a one month minimum up to a year, and a long-term option that runs from one to two years. They each come with different perks. If you go short-term, you can notify Indigo Living’s team with the items you require and they will be able to provide you with a range of furniture from their available collections. There are also kitchenware packages, bedlinen packages, or electronics to choose from if that’s all you need.

The long-term contract, on the other hand, is a completely bespoke, one-stop rental solution that’ll grant you access to the company’s rental and design consultants as well as maintenance services. Select single pieces, fit out your entire home, or—as with the shortterm option—go for bedlinen, kitchenware, or electronics. There’s also the possibility to purchase the products once your term comes to an end. And if you change your mind, you can always extend your leasing period.

Indigo Living has been setting trends across Asia and the Middle East with its contemporary, chic and long-lasting furniture offerings for over 39 years, so you know that your new home will be a stylish, comfortable nest for you, your family and your houseguests for the length of your stay.