TOKYO, March 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd., Japan’s largest trade show organiser, will be holding 7th Highly-functional Material World from April 6-8, 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. The show consists of 4 specialised exhibitions; 7th FilmTech JAPAN -Highly-functional Film Expo, 5th PLASTIC JAPAN -Highly-functional Plastic Expo, 3rd METAL JAPAN -Highly-functional Metal Expo and newly launched 1st CERAMICS JAPAN -Highly-functional Ceramics Expo. By adding 1st CERAMICS JAPAN, all three major materials (organic materials, metals and ceramics) will be showcased and Highly-functional Material World will be reborn as a mecca of advanced materials in name and in reality. This year, 780 companies are expected to exhibit at the show which is a 30 percent increase from the previous edition and 70,000 professionals are expected to gather from 41 countries and regions.

World’s Most Advanced Materials & Equipment Show to be held from April 6-8, 2016 in Tokyo

World’s Most Advanced Materials & Equipment Show to be held from April 6-8, 2016 in Tokyo


World’s Most Advanced Materials & Equipment Show to be held from April 6-8, 2016 in Tokyo

World’s Most Advanced Materials & Equipment Show to be held from April 6-8, 2016 in Tokyo

Today, Highly-functional materials have been widely used in a variety of fields such as electronics, automobile, aerospace, shipbuilding, medical, rechargeable battery, renewables, robotics, construction, design and become indispensable materials for future innovations, and many industry professionals are taking advantage of Highly-functional Material World to find the world’s most advanced materials as well as related equipment and technologies. According to the previous exhibitor questionnaires JPY 52.3 billion was made over six months as a result of the show and Reed Exhibitions Japan projects JPY 75 billion to be made for the upcoming edition in April, 2016.

World’s Largest Advanced Film Show

7th FilmTech JAPAN, the world’s largest advanced film show gathers 270 exhibitors and highly-functional films, decorative film, adhesive tape, functional material, forming, converting, secondary processing technology and inspection, measurement, analysis equipment will be showcased to attract flat panel display, electronics, automotive, medical and food packaging industry professionals as well as those who are seeking advanced film technology. Lineup of exhibitors are leading film manufacturers such as FUJIFILM, TORAY INDUSTRIES, DAI NIPPON PRINTING, TOPPAN PRINTING, KURARAY and SABIC INNOVATIVE PLASTICS, etc. Along with exhibition, top executives of film manufacturers, SUMITOMO CHEMICAL, TOYOBO and SEKISUI CHEMICAL will share their strategies and future prospects on highly-functional films at FilmTech JAPAN Keynote Session on April 7.

World’s Most Advanced Plastics Show

5th PLASTIC JAPAN, the world’s most advanced plastics show attracts 190 exhibitors and MITSUI CHEMICALS, UBE INDUSTRIES, DU PONT, VICTREX JAPAN, ENSINGER JAPAN, SHIN-ETSU CHEMICAL, EXXONMOBIL JAPAN, ARKEMA, DAICEL EVONIK, etc. will be exhibiting this year. Due to the popularity, the exhibition scale has been expanded by 26 percent from previous edition and many companies find the show as essential opportunities to promote the latest products and technologies. At PLASTIC JAPAN Keynote Session, top leaders of MITSUI CHEMICALS, BASF JAPAN and SUMITOMO BAKELITE will be discussing "Challenges for Highly-functional Plastics" on April 8.

Japan’s Largest Advanced Metals Show

3rd METAL JAPAN, Japan’s largest advanced metals show, covers different kinds of advanced metals such as aluminum, copper, titanium, magnesium, precious metal and steel as well as processing equipment, testing, analysis equipment, recycling technology, etc. To search new materials and technologies for new development, professionals who are in charge of R&D, design, production technology, etc. will be visiting the show. The world’s major companies such as NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL, JFE STEEL, KOBE STEEL, FURUKAWA ELECTRIC, NIPPON LIGHT METAL, JX NIPPON MINING & METALS, H.C. STARCK, and VDM METALS JAPAN, etc. are showcasing their cutting-edge products and technologies. "Future Prospects of Highly-functional Metals" will be the leading topic for METAL JAPAN Keynote Session and key players of JFE STEEL, MITSUBISHU ALUMINUM and POSCO will be sharing their views. In addition to the Keynote Session, Technical Conference by ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) will also be conducted on site.

Newly Launched Advanced Ceramics Show

As a newly launched advanced ceramics show, 1st CERAMICS JAPAN provides a new business platform for advanced ceramics professionals who seek business opportunities and networks especially in Japan and Asia. Exhibits range from highly-functional ceramics, material, ceramics coating, forming/bonding technology, inspection/analysis/testing equipment to contract service. Although this will be the very first edition, 140 exhibitors are expected to gather from Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, France, Germany, UK, Norway, Netherlands, including MURATA MANUFACTURING, TOTO, NGK INSULATORS, NGK SPARK PLUG, SCHOTT, FCT INGENIEURKERAMIK, AGC CERAMICS, SAINT-GOBAIN, IMERYS HIGH RESISTANCE MINERALS, PHILIPS CERAMICS UDEN, UBE INDUSTRIES, DENKA, and NORITAKE. At CERAMICS JAPAN Keynote Session, three top executives of MURATA MANUFACTURING, NGK INSULATORS and SAINT-GOBAIN will be discussing "Future of Fine Ceramics" on the opening day of the show.

All About Advanced Material

On top of Keynote Sessions above, Highly-functional Material World Keynote Session will be taking place on day-1. In this session, three top leaders will be addressing the following topics. "Current Status and Future Outlook of Highly-functional Japanese Materials" by METI (MINISTRY OF ECONOMY, TRADE AND INDUSTRY), "New Business Creation and Venture Investment in the Materials and Chemicals Industry – Challenges and INCJ’s Approach" by INNOVATION NETWORK CORPORATION OF JAPAN, and "Topics on Aircraft Structural Materials – Challenges and Expectations" by MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES.

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