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Stop Interfering With The Market, Leung Urges Government

Squarefoot Editor  2024-06-13  #Local Property Policy

The government recently lifted all property market cooling measures, a move welcomed by Stewart Leung Chi-kin, chairman of the Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong and Wheelock Properties. Leung emphasised that stable real estate prices are crucial for the healthy development of the local economy and expressed hope that the government will avoid using administrative measures that could affect market operations in the future. 

Speaking at a business forum, Leung noted that the removal of property cooling measures immediately relaxed the property market, stimulating growth in other sectors. He assured that the association will continue to offer advice on macroeconomic and land housing policies to the government.

Leung expressed that with improved government revenue, more resources can be allocated to enhance social welfare and increase housing supply, addressing public concerns.

Leung also highlighted the San Tin Technopole as a key driver for Hong Kong's future development. The association has commissioned consultants to draft a position paper on the planning outline for submission to the Town Planning Board. Over the next year, they will actively participate in the consultation process. 

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