Seal of DistinctionTucked on a back street — Chun Fai Terrace to be precise — just off Tai Hang Road, The Signature is already a notable addition to the landscape in the area. The gold-bronze hued glass is a striking tower amid a fair amount of green. There are only 66 suites in The Signature and the last four units almost ready for sale are the top floor duplexes.

The units are undeniably flats, but the floor to ceiling windows and understated modern design complete with stainless steel kitchen and long, wide wood floor planks and non- ’80s track lighting give the duplexes a loft-y vibe as designed by Hong Kong heavyweight Philip Liao. The properties also appeal heavily to the local market; New World’s general manager for sales and marketing Viola Cheng states most of their buyers were local endusers. “Our style is not that ‘bling bling,’ like some other developments you see as far as design goes,” she comments.

The Signature has many of the amenities and facilities expected of a property like it, including a yoga studio, games room, music room, library and a space for kids to amuse themselves. The clubhouse has a simultaneously earthy and contemporary feel, and its fifth floor function space features a secluded garden and indoor/outdoor kitchen that’s connected by terrace doors that are easily thrown wide open.

The Signature has only two units per floor, ranging in size from just over 2,000 square feet and 4,000 square feet for the duplexes. High ceilings (at least 11 feet) are one of the building’s hallmarks, as are high-end appliances and fixtures, and the address’s close proximity to Hong Kong’s best schools, private clubs, luxury shopping and lush natural surroundings. And when Galerie Perrotin used The Signature’s duplexes to host a gallery exhibition a few months back, it used every corner of K & W Architects’ space design. It also flawlessly illustrated the how easily the units were fulfilled by complementing the elegant living spaces with the right art piece.

For those concerned, Cheng admits there aren’t that many green features in the building aside from the increasingly standard LED, massive windows and water and energy efficient appliances and fixtures. But Cheng and New World do realise sustainable features are crucial, and are incorporating what they can when they can. “We can’t overturn anything we’ve all be doing for decades in one night,” notes Cheng. “It’s one stage at a time and we just have to keep moving forward.”

The other 62 units in the building already sold for average in the neighbourhood of $23,000 per square foot and you can bet the massive duplexes — at least seven rooms, en suite baths and plenty of undefined lower level living space — will sell for considerably more. The signature is far from New World’s first foray into residential development, but it might be their most sophisticated. As Cheng sums up, “You can see the beginnings of our journey toward a true living accommodation.”