BuyAssociation Marketplace is the leanest route to market for property and people.

We’re a global marketplace directly connecting property developers, investors and agents, all supported by our offices in Manchester, Stockholm, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

We don’t sell property but we do bring it to market!

For investors, we can introduce you directly to UK developers. For agents, we can source stock and generate leads. And for developers, we can take you to market and introduce you directly to buyers and agents.

What makes us unique is our universal approach to the market, the connection we’re creating between the seller and the buyer.

After making the first contact and advising investors on worthwhile developments and changes in the property market, the actual deal happens between the developer and buyer directly. This way we can keep the process as transparent, clean and simple as possible.

Our clients benefit from our position due to our wide reach in developments and varied portfolio, opening up a range of investment options. Developers working with us benefit from our global client base with diverse investment interests and multi-faceted portfolio goals.

As a company that’s been running for over 10 years, we have constantly been evolving our business, partnerships and marketing channels to create a unique position for ourselves in the market. Our goal is to innovate the property industry through award-winning marketing and teaming up with first-class developers to bring exceptional projects to the market.

We’ve found ourselves a niche in the market and – in the process – have opened up the broadest variety of options for every party involved in the buying process.

Because – to us – that’s what property investment should be like.

And we have collected a few awards along the way:

  • Member of Fortuna 50, The UK’s Fastest Growing Women Led Small Businesses
  • Winner – International Business Awards, 2015
  • Best UK Property Investment Provider – ADVFN Awards, 2015
  • Winner – International Business Awards, 2014
  • Silver – OPP Awards for Excellence, 2013
  • Gold – OPP Awards for Excellence, 2012

More recently, we’ve also been named Best Overseas Agent for the United Kingdom at the Best of the Best Awards by We are very proud to have won this award, especially since this is our first victory in the Hong Kong market, with plans for many more to come.

Did we get you excited? Then contact us now on +852 2554 5506, or drop us a line at or visit


Andy Sprowell is the Managing Director of BuyAssociation Marketplace offering a unique approach by simplifying international property buying for the global market. The firm offers all-round service for developers, agents and buyers alike, everything delivered out of one hand, including a transparent and clean buying process.

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