HONG KONG, Dec. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Ozner Water International Holdings Limited ("Ozner" or the "Company", stock code: 2014, with its subsidiaries, the "Group") announced today the launch of its whole new household smart air purifier. The purifier has employed industrial and medical grade air purifying technologies to tackle the deteriorating air pollution problem and provide purified clean air for home efficiently.

The Company has been engaged in air purification business for more than ten years in operating room of medical institutions, ICU intensive care units, and aerospace project etc. The new smart air purifier can filter PM2.5, PM0.3 and pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene, etc. The product enjoys enhanced efficiency through designs such as a 360 degree ring-shaped filter structure and antibacterial filter, etc. The purifier offers automatic purifying function, and can be connected with mobile application for remote control.

Mr. XIAO Shu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group said, "With the deteriorating air pollution in China, the health problem it causes is gaining public awareness. Ozner has been devoted to promoting public health, and has thus launched the new household smart air purifier to meet the rising demand from household users in the PRC. We have been actively expanding into the household water purifier market in recent years and have developed a solid sales network as well as customer foundation, which is believed to benefit the expansion of the household air purifier business and in turn enhance our profitability."

About Ozner Water International Limited

OZNER’s two business lines include water purification and air purification. Different from the traditional one-time sales mode, Ozner Water adopted a revolutionary business model, which provides water purification service while charging annual rental, providing a unique advantage in the market. The Group has established a directly managed service team, the network of which covers over 500 counties and cities in 30 provinces in China. Ozner Water originates the "cloud water purification technology", which enables the Group to remotely manage the water purifiers by mobile phone network. This technology reminds customers and the after-sale staff the issues of purifier’s filter expiration and purifier failure. In addition, the Company uses CRM system in its customer service center in headquarter to maintain customer relationship and convey customers’ need timely, while Ozner Water’s air purification dedicates to provide solutions and services in the field of healthcare, foods and electronics.