HONG KONG, Nov. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — New World Facilities Management Company Limited (NWFM) which manages and operates Youth Square has received the first "Good MPF Employer Award" by The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA). Also, for three consecutive years, Youth Square has received the "Partner Employer Award" by The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business and qualified as an Outstanding Corporate. The two awards were given in recognising NWFM’s exemplary efforts in enhancing the retirement benefits of its employees, and its continuous supports in offering internships and job opportunities to students and graduates of local technical institutes and universities in the past year to enhance talent development.

A total of six students and graduates were offered internship and job opportunities under different departments in the past year to gain work experience, develop their talents and understand various work areas of NWFM, including venue operation and management, event planning and organization, customer services, facilities management, hostel operation and management, etc.

Meanwhile, NWFM has not only been duly discharged its MPF obligations, but also offered its employees with more retirement benefits than legally required over the past year. NWFM provides its employees with voluntary contribution which further enhances the retirement protection of its employees.

The first Good MPF Employer Award is launched by the MPFA. It aims to recognise employers who placed a high value on their employees’ retirement needs and aims to not only cultivate employers’ responsibility under the law, but also encourages employers’ efforts to further enhance the retirement protection of their employees; the Partner Employer Award is organised by The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business. It aims to encourage local enterprises to demonstrate their corporate responsibility by hiring graduates of local technical institutes and universities, giving such graduates training opportunities and practical work experience to nurture them on professionalism and positive working attitudes. To qualify as an Outstanding Corporate, the participating enterprise had to have provided at least 90 hours of internships to students from local institutions, or hired five or more graduates for at least three months in the past year.

New World Facilities Management Company Limited

New World Facilities Management Company Limited is a non-profit making company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of New World Development Company Limited (Stock Code: 17.HK). Embracing the mission of youth development and supporting youth to contribute to society, we strive to develop Youth Square as the platform for youth to exchange knowledge and experience and to develop and discover their potential.

For more information on New World Facilities Management Company Limited, please visit www.nwfm.com.hk.

Youth Square

The Youth Square, which came into full operation in 2010, is a youth development project of the Home Affairs Bureau of the HKSAR Government, with an aim to be the hub of diversified youth development activities for youth to develop their potential. Youth Square facilities include the 643-seat Y Theatre, Y Studio, multi-function areas and the Y Loft which has 148 guest rooms. 2015 marks the 5th Anniversary of Youth Square. Youth Square has been conducting nearly 100 themed events under "Music & Dance", "Arts & Culture" and "Community Engagement". Youth Square has been holding over 5,000 youth events and served for more than 1 million participants since 2010. In addition, with participants came from more than 50 countries or regions, Y Loft has been providing accommodations for more than 50,000 youths who participated in various exchange programmes in Hong Kong. Youth Square is located in Chai Wan and is managed and operated by New World Facilities Management Company Limited on a non-profit making basis.

6G model is Youth Square’s guiding principle. 6G refers to Groom, Grow, Glow, Green, Global Vision and Give Back.

For more information on Youth Square, please visit www.youthsquare.hk.