Brand influence exerted at “Warcraft” theme exhibition through consolidation of online and offline resources for marketing

HONG KONG, June 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Joy City Property Limited ("Joy City Property" or the "Company", HKEx Code: 0207) is pleased to announce that it has held the first themed exhibition of the long-awaited "Warcraft" movie in China. The move also represented the Company’s success in holding the first themed exhibition based on emotional marketing at a shopping centre in the country as it consolidated its online and offline resources for marketing. The themed exhibition, which was first held in Chengdu Joy City, was such a success that Joy City has won a gold award in the marketing category in the 2nd ICSC China Shopping Centre Awards.

The "Warcraft" movie theme exhibition was first held at Chengdu Joy City's "tide square" exhibition area

The "Warcraft" movie theme exhibition was first held at Chengdu Joy City’s "tide square" exhibition area

The theme exhibition of "Warcraft" movie was held from the end of 2015 to the beginning of 2016 at Chengdu Joy City. It has attracted 300,000 visitors on the first day. The average daily visits exceeded 210,000 in the first four days of the exhibition. To hold the first movie theme exhibition in China, Joy City Property consolidated the online and offline resources for marketing and communication channels, including the new media technology, a website dedicated to the event, Sina Weibo, portals and social networking sites, etc. During the exhibition period, Joy City made use of the print media, internet and Weibo, etc. to gain exposure in media. The news reports on the event appeared 80 million times in various media. "Warcraft" is a globally well-known cultural brand among adolescents and is so culturally and emotionally appealing that it has successfully attracted the young target audience to the opening of Chengdu Joy City.

Building on the success in Chengdu Joy City, Joy City Property also held the "Warcraft" theme exhibition in Shanghai Joy City from April 2016 to May 2016. The exhibition occupied a total area of nearly 500 square meters and recorded nearly 6.8 million visits. The number of people who participated in the theme exhibition online and offline totaled more than 130,000. Meanwhile, shops selling products related to the "Warcraft" movie recorded total sales of RMB2.07 million. During the period when the movie went on general release, Joy City Property also held the "Warcraft" theme exhibition at Tianjin Joy City, and set up a virtual reality experience zone there which was well received by the customers.

Joy City Property’s "Warcraft" theme exhibition at the opening of Chengdu Joy City was so successful that it won a gold award in the marketing category of the 2nd ICSC China Shopping Centre Awards. The International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) is the largest trade association of the shopping center industry in the world. The ICSC China Shopping Centre Awards recognizes China’s retail real estate industry for excellence and innovation in marketing, design and development as well as the use of social media.

Mr. Zhou Zheng, Vice President of COFCO, Chairman and General Manager of Joy City Property Limited, said: "As a brand of shopping center, Joy City has been ahead of the game. We combined the theme of the ‘Warcraft’ movie with the opening of Chengdu Joy City in an attempt to make customers associate ‘Warcraft’ with Joy City through emotional marketing. We believe that we can drive the growth in the foot traffic at our shopping centres and the online and offline audiences by carrying out branding and marketing for themed activities through the consolidation of online and offline resources for marketing."

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