invest in AustraliaAustralian property has long been proven as a safe, secure and profitable investment. The rates of new Australian properties per sq. meter are amongst the lowest in the world, while the rent returns are amongst the highest. (Source: Global Property Guide and Citylife, new build property)

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) in September 2011 released a report that indicated that unless action is taken, Australia will face a shortage of houses of over half a million within the next 9 years, based on current supply and demand issues. Australian property also offers overseas investors the following:

Australian market

  • A freehold, secure title.
  • Opportunity to achieve capital gains.
  • A reasonable deposit is all that is needed to enter the market.
  • As owner, you can control many aspects of the investment.
  • There is a ready and increasing supply of quality tenants.
  • There is fair landlord/tenant legislation.
  • There are exceptional tax benefits.
  • ou can “add value” as the property ages, increasing dramatically the market price.
  • It needs very little monitoring. There are professional property managers.
  • You do not need to actually sell to get your money out.
  • Unlike shares, it is much harder to make a truly poor direct property investment.
  • Virtually all Australian banks accept Australian property for security.

Real Estate is a necessity, people need shelter, and they need someone to provide it. There has been enormous demand in the past, and there will be huge and continuing future demand.

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