Buying Haunted Property in Hong KongWhether you are planning to buy or rent an apartment, it’s important to get to learn the neighborhood, and the surrounding elements, before the big decision is made. Starting in 2014, will provide our readers with updates on neighborhoods that might have some “discounting opportunities”.

It is not news that haunted houses are leased / sold below market price. With the property price staying high, we need to be more creative in locating property deals around the city. Believe it or not, we get calls and emails from around the world, in trying to locate haunted properties. However, by looking into the recent incidents, it’s a proactive way to start contacting agents in these neighborhoods, and to grab these discounted properties as soon as they come on market.

Here’s a quick review on misfortunate events that made it on the news since August 2013. If you are planning to look into these neighborhood, don’t forget to check if any “special discounted” units are available.

Buying Haunted Property in Hong Kong

Hung Hom has a total of 4 misfortunate events. With the extension of the existing Kwun Tong Line to Whampoa in 2015 and the Sha Tin-Central Link Phase 1 in 2018, the property price in the district has been going up lately. As of Jan 2014, property listed in the area averaged at $9,915 per square foot and the rental price averaged at $32 per square foot. It could be a tempting deal if the landlord gives you a 5 – 10% discount.

Tseung Kwan O’s affordability makes it appealing for young professionals and couples, particularly given its position directly on the MTR line. With more than 10 incidents in the past months, contact the Tseung Kwan O agents if you have been eyeing this neighborhood for a while.

Ngau Tau Kok, Kwun Tong and Wong Tai Sin had more than 30 incidents in the past months. Yet, most of the incidents happened in public housing estates. Property agents will only be able to source private properties once they come on market.

As mentioned in our previous articles, the reoccurrence of misfortunate events are minimal. Our Feng Shui Master, Master Philip Wong, confirmed that Feng Shui has minimal effect on misfortunate events. For more information, check out the “Property Detox” article on our website.

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