They say humans are naturally greedy. We are eager for the excitement of big cities, the charm of the countryside, and the pleasure of food … all at the same time. As rapacious as it may sound, it’s possible at Yuen Long

For shopping, there is YOHO Mall, Sun Yuen Long Centre and Yuen Long Plaza; for natural pleasures you have the Crazy Cart range, a wetland park and Pak Nai to choose from. Not to mention the exciting range of dining outlets. Regardless of your preference, you can have it all here. 

This is perhaps the reason why developers are scrambling to boost their exposure in the area – with Yuen Long providing the largest supply of new apartments this year with nearly 2,600 units available on the market. 

Among the developers, Sun Hung Kai Properties is winning the game with Twin Regency, YOHO Town, Residence 88, Riva and One Regent Place, with several others going up for sale shortly. 

But new properties sprouting up means developers have to lower the price to lure buyers. The price for Twin Regency, for example, is 20% lower than other properties from the same area – perfect for first-time buyers who are looking for lower-cost accommodation.


12:00pm | Old Fung Tea House

This vintage tea house is perhaps the closest replica of a 1960s diner where the fragrance of Chinese tea and local staples mingle with the whiff of yesteryear. From the mosaic tile flooring, wooden booths, folding tables and stools, antique telephone, record player and vintage grocery store decorations to the double bunk bed, bamboo hanger and iron gate on the upper floor, this little dim sum eatery on Tai Tong Road has reimagined an almost complete scene of a public housing estate from back in the day. Representing this retro sentiment is the brand name “Old Fung”, taken from the name of a local dim sum veteran. 

66 Tai Tong Road, Yuen Long
2659 8826


13:00 pm | YOHO Mall

Above Yuen Long MTR Station, YOHO Mall has a gross floor area of 1.1 million square feet, the largest shopping complex in the territory that promotes lifestyle shopping. Developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties, the outlet has become a landmark in the area with a 30,000 square foot outdoor dining promenade and a giant LED screen at the entrance. It features a vast portfolio of 200 eateries and international merchants, including the biggest Homeless outlet in Hong Kong. 

8-9 Long Yat Road and 9 Yuen Long Street, Yuen Long

14:00 pm | Hong Kong Wetland Park

This ecological park offers a window to the New Territories’ wetland ecosystems and wildlife with bird hides, natural trails and observation platforms. The park features a film theatre, a coffee shop, exhibitions and galleries, making it an ideal oasis for a city person seeking natural pleasures.

Wetland Park Rd, Tin Shui Wai
3152 2666

16:00 pm | Ha Pak Nai

Perched on the bay at Lau Fau Shan, Ha Pak Nai is touted as the best spot for sunsets. About 30 minutes from downtown Yuen Long, a minibus is the only vehicle available to get there, unless walking. At Ap Tsai Hang is a watercourse that leads to the Ha Pak Nai mudflat, where a lot of photographers gather as it’s the best spot to capture a sunset. It takes a bit of a walk and wait, but the spectacular views are worth the trek. 

19:20 pm | 119 Korea Station

Another thematic dinning outlet, 119 Korea Station is a Korean eatery wrapped in a fire station. The specialty of the house is the Shovel barbecue pork ribs with cheese – meaty ribs dunked in simmering melted cheese that is enough to feed two. Part of the fun is watching the cheese melt as the meal comes with an embedded stove.

Fu Shing Building, 9 Sai Ching Street, Yuen Long
3565 6911


20:30 pm | Mingle Farm 

A paradise for nature-loving campers, the 200,000 square foot Mingle Farm offers a wacky range of individual tents in shapes that are beyond imagination. Perhaps the most daring one is the AEcoSphere, a see-through inflatable bubble-like tent where campers can sleep under the stars. Also on offer are the giant Mushroom House, the lovely Candy Castle and caravans. 

30 Fung Ka Wai, Tin Tsz Road, Tin Shui Wai
2891 8263 


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