Charged Hong Kong

Founded in 2015, Charged Hong Kong (Hong Kong Electric Vehicle Association) is a non-profit organisation that supports and works to accelerate the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (EV) in Hong Kong. The organisation also advocates the improvement of Hong Kong air quality and assists the community of EV owners.

Charged Hong Kong’s objectives include:

  • a. To support and promote the improvement of air quality and the general environment in Hong Kong.
  • To accelerate the replacement of conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines with electric vehicles.
  • To encourage the adoption of electric vehicles by identifying and promoting the facilitators, and identifying and removing the barriers to greater ownership of electric vehicles in Hong Kong.
  • To encourage the adoption of electric vehicles by educating the public about the significant environmental advantages of electric vehicles.

Charged Hong Kong held its first summer programme for schools in Hong Kong to promote clean air and sustainable transportation at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal on July 14, with its first partner being Belilios Public School.

The programme objective was to provide students with basic (to advanced) knowledge of electric vehicles (EV) and related technology, as well as the important role that EVs play in combating climate change in Hong Kong and around the world.


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The World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) is a people’s movement offering practical environmentally sustainable actions following the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change. The WAVE EARTH 2016 project collects pledges from students and electric vehicle owners all over the world and sets up the world’s largest greeting card to present to the United Nations. The first greeting card was presented to the UN on 17 July in Geneva, and the next at the UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh in November 2016, submission ends in September.