Wave Coworking is a gym-inspired, membership-based collaborative office, with funky interiors courtesy of Spatial Concept’s Gary Lai

While the internet has allowed people to work anywhere and everywhere, there are still many who need to work in a proper office.

That is where Wave Coworking fits the bill. Conceived as a platform for creative businesses to collaborate through a database of users, it is a 20,000 square foot shared office on the top two floors of a Kwun Tong industrial building.
Essentially a serviced office with shared facilities such as receptions, meeting areas, equipment rooms and pantries, Wave functions like a gym: members get a pass that allows access. That pass can be just for a day or a week, allowing for visitors to plunk down and host meetings or work in a dynamic environment.

“The trend is that people are travelling more,” says Wave’s interior designer Gary Lai, founder and managing director of Spatial Concept.

“In Asia, there is a lack of space for home offices. Wave is affordable for people who need work spaces. And big corporations are buying memberships for people such as insurance agents to have a place to meet.”

Each of the floors has its own reception, plus adjacent meeting and relaxation areas. The 10th floor has more flexible meeting areas that can open up to become one big space for town hall-style gatherings, while the 11th floor contains mostly shared rooms.

To let off steam, there is a boxing ring and foosball table, while a traditional red telephone booth straight out of Doctor Who allows for private calls in the open office.

Lai gave the space a colourful and somewhat retro vibe, with signature yellow appearing on mesh ceiling panels and feature walls. Deliberately mismatched chairs tend to be of the mid century modern variety, while reclaimed wood was used in feature walls and for work surfaces.

“My client called it Wave because he was inspired by different oceanic creatures coming together under one roof – waves and currents bring them all together,” Lai says.