Owning a flat is never easy in Hong Kong. Your small unit came at a high price, and it needs work. At least now you get to call the design shots. As flooring takes up most of the interior space, it’s worth giving some serious thought. Among an extensive range of floor choices on the market, wood and ceramic boards are highly sought after. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but if you’re fretting about going for either one, the following tips will shed some light on the matter.

The effect of wood floors is warm and natural. Different grades of wood (oak, beech, cherry, ash, walnut) have their own grain that gives each a distinctive look. Compared to wood, ceramic floors fit well in all settings. A large selection of colours, sizes and patterns make them a nice complement to a variety of furniture and are perfect for space partitioning. Using polished or glazed tiles to enhance the brightness of a room is an emerging trend.

Wood boards are comfortable underfoot. They are less rigid and help reduce injuries. With an effective heat transfer rate, wood floors enable a cooler summer and warmer winter at home, and they have better sound insulation than ceramic. But ceramic tiles are strong and durable, and though they have a cool surface during summer, they are cold in winter and hard underfoot all year round.

As wood is weak when it comes to water resistance, applying wax polish to its surface is required, especially when it is used in a humid climate like Hong Kong. Remember to treat wood surfaces with care, as it is easy to scratch with even marginally sharp objects. If you are after wood floors with higher durability, try laminated wood. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are among the easiest floor surfaces to maintain and are highly stable.

In general, laying wood floors is easier than putting down ceramic tiles. Any wood surfaces need a coat of asphalt oil and preservative oil before installation. Adding a subfloor is needed to ensure the top wood layer is held firmly in place. As for ceramic floors, one or two layers of grout mix are required underneath before gluing down the tiles.

Other Hot picks
If you admire the beauty of grain but want easy maintenance, wood grain tiles will suit you best. Combining all the merits of ceramics with high-quality imitation grain, these tiles are as modern as they are eco-friendly. Bamboo flooring is another stylish choice too. With high water resistance and heat conduction rates, it saves you the hassle of wax polish and is gaining in popularity.

Date: 2015-06-30