Mid-Autumn is one of the city’s most favourite festivals. It’s romantic; it’s luminous; it’s basically a relaxed, food-filled celebration that cares more about fun and reunions. This season, pamper and impress your loved ones with a Mid-Autumn festive hamper from Great, Hong Kong premier international food hall, and help them fill the celebration table with a luxurious spread of mooncakes, exotic fruits, artisan chocolates, fine wines and all sorts of tasty and authentic bites.

To cater for your different needs, GREAT has prepared an exciting selection of tempting full-moon hampers using only the finest quality ingredients. Whether you’re headed for a sumptuous bounty for families or a moderate offering for business partners, there’ll be something to suit all tastes.

Full Moon Deluxe ($2,688)

Full moon deserves a full-blown celebration! Make this mid-autumn extra special by giving the best of the best to your family. Connoisseurs or not, no one can say no to bubbly, a fine vintage, premium chocolates, double-yolk goodness, abalone noodles and Japanese fruits that are pumped full of divine sweetness; you simply have to make sure there’s enough to go around!

Golden Privilege ($1,888)

Replacing bubbly with a fine bottle of Chablis and double-yoke moon cakes with mini ones; Golden Privilege is another impressive top-of-the-range option. Give this to family or favourite friends for a lush and scrumptious celebration.

Wealthy Future ($1,288)

This ambient food hamper is an excellent and practical choice for people whose taste for food is not obvious to you. Filled with gourmets and delicacies from bird’s nest, dried shitake mushrooms, fine tea to hand-picked gourmet sweets and snacks, this can be easily divided among a big group.

Wish Upon A Star ($888)

Autumn Hearts ($538)

Filled with mooncakes, fine chocolates and an international fruit collection, with or without wine, these highly presentable hampers are an impressive gift for both personal and business friends, beats sending boxes of mooncakes on its own any day.