After talking about the whiskies of Islay last week, I am going to do an introduction of another whisky distilling region in Scotland ― The Islands.

In addition to the mainland, Scotland is comprised of numerous islands that are spread out from the south to north along the latitude, so the styles of Islands whiskies vary widely where whisky from each island has a different and unique flavour. Since each island is not large in size with only one or two distillery, thus creating the distinctive flavour of each island.

As a matter of fact, The Islands is not an official whisky distilling region and is considered part of the Highlands region. Though technically categorised as a product of the Highlands, distilleries will be list The Islands as the origin on the bottle label.

Several islands that produce well-known whiskey brand, from south to north, include The Isle of Arran, The Isle of Jura, The Isle of Mull, The Isle of Skye, The Isle of Lewis, and The Isle of Orkney.

In my opinion, the most well-known whisky brand from The Islands is definitely Talisker. I believe those who have even just a basic understanding of whisky should have heard Talisker. Talisker is a good example of whisky from The Isle of Skye, with an easily recognised packaging which is a photo of a roaring sea crushing the shores.

Talisker is a reflection of the uniqueness of Islands whiskies. With a strong flavour and a distinguished aroma of peat and smoke, the whisky is also characterised by a faint taste of salty sea water, which makes it unforgettable to drinkers.

Each Islands whisky has its unique flavour. While the trait of Talisker is its saltiness, a good representation of whisky from The Isle of Mull is Ledaig, which has a very rich flavour of tobacco, and Jura from The Isle Jura, which has an added honey sweetness on top of the smoky flavour.

Another well-known brand is Highland Park, which, in reality, comes from the Islands, namely The Isle of Orkney up north. With a relatively thicker body and floral sweetness, its origin is often mistaken due to its name.

Each of the Islands whiskies possesses a strong personality and offers a very unique tasting experience.

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