Last time, we talked Biodynamic Wine, a natural winemaking method that involves the observation of the constellations and lunar gravity. In fact, the wine industry has another similar concept -Sustainable Wine, which can be considered as an alternative to organic wine.

So far, sustainable wine has not developed a system of certification standards that is as sophisticated as that for organic food, and currently, the regulations for sustainable wine vary among countries. If you look at the back of a bottle, you might sometimes see these logos, which are used to label sustainable wines.


Since organic winemaking may have higher requirements and has a higher cost, producers of sustainable wine are allowed to bypass certain organic wine standards or requirements.

The sustainable agriculture industry encourages winemakers to consider the sustainability of their business in terms of electricity, water and other resource conservation and waste reduction when deciding which farming and winemaking method to use.

Certified California Sustainable Vineyard and Winery (CCSW) proposed three major concepts —Environmental Soundness, Economical Feasibility and Social Equality, which can all be regarded as the pillars of sustainable wine.

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