Air pollution is causing a serious problem in Hong Kong. With the world’s highest traffic density, Hong Kong has a level of visibility that is less than eight kilometres for almost one-third of the year. The University of Hong Kong once conducted a study which showed that air pollutants in Hong Kong were three times higher than New York and double that of London. As a result, cases of asthma and bronchial infections have skyrocketed in recent years.

To safeguard your own health and that of your family, where can you find clean air in Hong Kong?

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Part of the Southern District on Hong Kong, Aberdeen refers to the areas of Aberdeen city centre, Wong Chuk Hang, Ap Lei Chau and Tin Wan. With the Southern District ranked the fourth-lowest populated in the city, Aberdeen offers a great sea view and is all blue sky. Though not reachable by MTR yet, Aberdeen has a comprehension network of bus and mini bus routes, and the community is complete with its own hospital, sport facilities and parks.

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Eastern District

Though the Eastern District recorded increased hours of poor air quality last year than in 2014, it is still doing way better than the west districts as there was a 13% decrease in the total number of hours of high or above recordings, according to an article published by SCMP early this year. The Eastern District comprises of Fortress Hill, North Point, Quarry Bay, Shau Kei Wan, Heng Fa Chuen, Chai Wan and Siu Sai Wan.

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Ma On Shan

Located on the eastern coast of Tolo Harbour, Ma On Shan enjoys the nice fresh breezes coming from the sea, and in combination with its own country park and numerous parks, the neighbourhood definitely has the advantage when air quality is concerned. If you are worry about getting around from Ma On Shan, don’t worry, there is the Ma On Shan Line that connects to the East Rail Line.

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Ma Wan

Sitting between Lautau Island and Tsing Yi Island, Ma Wan is a melting pot of nature, leisure, culture and religion. The island is a geological site of the volcanic Yim Tin Tsai Formation, home to Noah’s Ark Museum and Ma Wan Park, location for local production of shrimp paste, and host of annual tradition festivals such as Tin Hau. Since private vehicles are generally not allowed to enter the island, residents can enjoy true clean air with close-to- zero carbon emission.

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